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The Tip of The Lceberg of Cooperation Cases

In the dynamic realm of electric bike technology, strategic partnerships have often paved the way for innovation and market success. A prime example of such successful collaboration is the partnership between APT, a renowned display technology firm, and two major players in the electric mobility sector: Bafang and LIME.
In 2014, APT took a significant step by developing the C966 display for Bafang's MAX mid-mounted motor. This collaboration was aimed at enhancing the user interface of Bafang's already popular electric bike systems. The C966 display was a game-changer, featuring a crisp, clear screen that allowed riders to monitor their speed, battery level, and other critical metrics in real-time. Its intuitive design and robust construction made it an instant hit upon its release, solidifying Bafang's position in the market and showcasing APT's prowess in creating user-centric display solutions.

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